5.13.20 At-home Workout

We are only 5 DAYS away from being able to open up the inside of our gym.. and that includes the weekend so it’s really more like 3 days! Our outside groups are slowly growing back to normal & we had our biggest single day group yesterday since the lock down. I know y’all are excited to get going… we’re SO close!

Continuing our theme this week, we’re sharing the more detailed version of our at-home workouts to demonstrate how we’ve continued to serve our members so they can stay engaged while they were stuck at home!

There are several versions of the workout to choose from cause not everyone is at the same fitness level. This is just ONE of the ways CrossFit is different, cause each workout can be scaled to meet your current fitness ability! In other words, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE IN SHAPE TO DO CROSSFIT!!!

If you’re looking to step into a CrossFit gym, we’d love to talk with you to find out how we can help! Simply book a FREE No Sweat Intro HERE and I’ll call you!

Today is a Quality day, which means it will require a lot of physical awareness and focus. It’s a completely different mindset than what you need for a WOD.

These movements would not be good to do fast (especially the Turkish Get-ups) so take your time and work on smoothness and positional awareness. Focus on each “step” of the TGU, don’t rush just to get standing. These can be monotonous, but only if you’re mind checks out.

Concentrate on the details of the movement because doing these well has huge carry-over into coordination, core stability, shoulder stability, and full-body coordinated strength.

Lying Pulldowns are easy to do but can be awkward. Squeeze your scaps together the entire time and as you come down, squeeze the lats. This will help create a great “mind/ muscle connection” with your lats, that will help you improve all pulling movements. Use a band if you have one, substitute rows — if you don’t have a way to row, grab a bed sheet, tie a knot in the middle, and close it on the top part of the door.

On the holds count your full number of seconds. Do NOT count as fast as you can. Get set and engage your core before starting the count.

Whiteboard Brief

Warm-up: Accumulate:

45 sec Single-arm Plank R

45 sec Single-arm Plank L

90 sec elbow plank

Arm Circles

20 Prisoner Rotations

20 Reverse Step Lunge

White: 20 rounds for quality

2 TGU – One each side

3 Lying Lat Pulls

4 Sec Bent Hollow Hold

Yellow: 20 rounds for quality

2 TGU – One each side

3 Lying Lat Pulls

6 Sec Bent Hollow Hold

Orange: 20 rounds for quality

2 TGU – One each side

3 Lying Lat Pulls

8 Sec Bent Hollow Hold

Blue: 20 rounds for quality

2 TGU – One each side

3 Lying Lat Pulls

6 Sec Hollow Hold

Purple & Brown: 20 rounds for quality

2 TGU – One each side

3 Strict Pull-ups or Lying Lat Pulls

4 Sec L-sit Hold

Accessory Work: Neurological & Accuracy

In order to work on accuracy with jumps, place 2 pieces of tape about a foot apart — this will mark the targets. Work to hit those targets on every jump. Start slow, then speed up as you get comfortable. If you start to miss the target, take a break and restart.

For juggling, take 3 small objects and accumulate about 3 minutes of juggling practice.

This is all neurological — brain — work. Stay focused and most importantly, have fun with it!

Accumulate 50 Skiers (Side-to-Side Jumps)

50 Forward-to-Back Jumps

3 minutes Practice Juggling

Coach Fergs~