5.6.20 At-home Workout

Well the good news is finally here… we CAN start working out again at the gym BUT, we MUST do it outside using the existing guidelines. We’ll be posting more about this in the next day but if you’re ready to get out of the house and exercising with REAL equipment and other like-minded people, book a FREE No Sweat Intro phone call (HERE) to get started. We can even set you up with a FREE 3-day pass! It’s time to start building a healthier you!

We know those abs are sore from yesterday and will likely be MORE sore tomorrow. Don’t fret though… this is normal. It even has a name, DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and it simply means that when you work a muscle group particularly hard (usually high volume, not high load/ weight), it’ll be more sore 2 days after the workout than after the first day.

In the light of that, we’ll give the abs a break today so we can focus hard on the cardio, aka the Metabolic Conditioning and we’ll use a classic track workout to accomplish this. If you can go to a track, that will be the easiest way to do this workout but I’ll list some options below. Before doing this workout, you NEED to warm-up. You should be warming up before every workout but it becomes even more important when you’re doing high-intensity workouts because it puts a tremendous strain on the body to create massive improvements in fitness.

After your warm-up, you’ll do 8-10 laps of:

  • Sprint 100m (the straights)
  • Walk or Jog 100m (the curves)
  • Score = Time to complete all the laps

How to approach the workout:

  1. The last sprint should be NO SLOWER THAN the first one so start SLOW and build speed over each run segment. It’s perfectly OK to sprint at the same speed for several laps so long as you don’t slow down.
    NOTE: I will generally do my first lap sprint at about 30-50% of an all out effort, depending on how I feel.
  2. The sprints are the key so full focus and effort should be on that portion. If you’ve never done this workout, walk between sprints. Jogging between sprints is for advanced runners that sprint regularly.
  3. Sprinting should ALWAYS be done on the toes/ forefoot. You’re heel should NEVER touch the ground when sprinting. Personally I believe the heel should never touch the ground period when doing any kind of running but we’ll save that for another post.
  4. To keep track of laps, start in lane 1 then move over 1 lane after each lap. Most tracks have 8 lanes and some have 9.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see everyone at the gym!

Coach Fergs~